Where’s that Easter egg hovering? Find #BeauBunny to win!

Spot Beau Bunny’s levitating Easter egg rising above six mystery locations between March 29th and April 9th. Put a name to a place for your chance to win prizes including a year’s worth of chocolate!

It’s quite a sight. This April our dapper bunny, turned out in a maroon velvet jacket, will be touring the country with a larger-than-life Easter egg that really floats (no Photoshop trickery here). Beau Bunny is back for his fifth Easter tour, and this time he’s lifting gigantic eggs as well as spirits!

Really rising! No strings attached

Our dapper chap is really rising to the occasion by turning magic on its head. You’d expect to see a white rabbit coming out of a hat, but that just isn’t Beau Bunny’s style – he wanted to up his game, literally. The photographs you see here were created without a hint of retouching or strings attached! How is the trick done?

Well, that would be telling…

On the rise: magical events across the UK

The only question is, where next? Beau will be raising the bar (well, incredibly large Easter egg) above six mystery locations across the UK. Do you recognise the mystical place pictured above? Name our secret location and you could get your paws on a very fine basket of chocolate Easter gifts. There are six chances to win, with new locations posted over the ten days leading up to Easter on our website and Facebook. Keep an eye on his stylish trail (or tail) and follow news of Beau’s Easter tour on Twitter at #BeauBunny

Larger than life prizes

Above and beyond a year’s supply of chocolate, you could win our extra-large Ostrich Egg worth £75, weighing in at over a kilo of chocolate. A fitting prize for spotting a gigantic hovering Easter egg. Other prizes include a chocolate hamper packed full of select gifts!

Beau Bunny insisted on sharing the joy – so everyone who enters will enjoy 10% off Easter shopping with us. What would BB choose? Well of course he insists on our brand new Patisserie Extra-Thick Egg – he can smell the real carrot in our Carrot Cake reimagined in chocolate!

Cracking egg design

The colour of our levitating egg was inspired by our Extra-Thick Easter Egg – You Crack Me Up, since it’s so appropriate to Beau’s tour: it’s filled with smiley faces (which surround him) as well as miniature bunnies, his fellow burrow companions!

Beau near you

Beau Bunny’s tours are legendary. In previous years you’ve seen him as far and wide as Birmingham and Brighton via Bristol. His eyesight is sharpened by carrots, so he can always spot his fans – in fact he’s on the lookout, as he remembers being handed a bunch of fresh carrots, which he turned into his favourite tipple – carrot juice! Fans include pets too: last year he even got nose-to-very-wet-nose with a passing pooch!

As well as landmarks up and down the country, look out for Beau at select Hotel Chocolat stores, and share your photos via @theBeauBunny if you’re lucky enough to get a snap with him!

Find #BeauBunny between March 29th and April 9th. Spot the location of our levitating Easter egg for a chance to win a year’s supply of chocolate!

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