The Chocolatier’s Tale – The Chocolopolitan

When I was little I went ice-skating, fell over and broke my hand. Ever since, I have had a terrible fear of all kinds of ice, including ice cream.

So, there is something wonderful for me about having a totally nonice cream version of the classic neapolitan.

The Chocopolitan recreates the recipe in rice crispy form. We decided on a ratio of half 50% Milk chocolate to one-quarter strawberry and one-quarter vanilla, made with added vanilla seeds and blended with our 36% white chocolate.

We make these fresh in our Cocoa Bar-Cafes. We mix them, arrange them in the right proportion and slice them into these amazing bars.

There’s something really colourful and playful about the look of this chocolate, which makes it really fun.

But above all it’s got a fantastic taste and texture – it’s chunky and satisfying but the crispies make it really easy to eat.

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