The Chocolatier’s Tale: Citrus Salad

I love it when my recipes spark a forgotten memory for someone

you get a privileged access to a part of their life they may never have told you about, simply due to the flavours they’ve experienced.

When Angus tasted this zingy lime and orange dark chocolate ganache, he was instantly reminded of the time he spent in Saint Lucia, creating the menu for our Boucan restaurant. He described the fresh, inspiring ingredients abundant in every dish, and picked out the Citrus Salad starter, which pairs local fruit with micro-green salad leaves, cashews, tomatoes, and a soothing chocolate dressing.

I can see why the similarity stuck out for him; the chocolate tastes tropical and invigorating, without too much sweetness. It’s appearing in your Tasting Club boxes this August, so keep an eye out for it!”

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