Thank You – From Ghana

The cocoa farmers of Osuben are finally getting their medical centre – thanks to Tasting Club members

I’ve always been proud of our Chocolate Tasting Club, but without doubt one of its most inspirational achievements has been the Ghana Appeal, connecting chocolate lovers in the UK, Sweden, Norway and the United States with cocoa farmers in the Kwahu District of Eastern Ghana.

Thanks to the generosity and continuing dedication of our members, we’ve raised £45,000 – the grand target needed to complete the Osuben Medical Centre. We’ve even overtaken it, reaching £46,767 at the time of going to press – and that extra money will go into buying medical equipment.

It’s hard to explain just how important this will be for the people of the Osuben community, most of them cocoa-farming families. The nearest hospital is in Atibie, nearly 30 kilometres away. Good vehicles are scarce and local roads are rough; the trip is so long and uncomfortable that medical problems considered relatively minor in the UK can be fatal in Osuben.

Now the centre is nearly complete, but we’ll keep working to help the local community with everything from cocoa seedlings to training. Any support you can give will be sincerely appreciated by the people of Osuben.

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To say that Angus Thirlwell is passionate about chocolate would be an understatement because, as he willingly admits, it’s more of an obsession. Together with his business partner, Peter Harris, he founded Hotel Chocolat in 2004 with two specific aims – to make chocolate that really excites the senses and to make that chocolate widely available.

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