Being a mum is all about sharing everything, from your very last crisp to bedtime stories invented out of thin air. Celebrate Mother’s Day by sharing your best #MumMoments for a chance to win a Hotel Chocolat hamper!

Take a pause from agonising over choosing the perfect Mother’s Day card. We know that the right words mean so much, but there’s more than one way to show her you care this March 26th. Share your story with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram  – perfect prose not required. Of course you could say it with chocolate if you’re the lucky winner of our Hotel Chocolat hamper!

Beyond hopping over building block minefields or finding that school tie hidden under a pile of socks, we’re looking for your uplifting #MumMoments – whether they’re fun, poignant or downright funny. Here are a few of ours to get the ball rolling…

Mum’s the word

Shellie’s story

The time we have together is our most precious thing. It’s a cliché I know, but now she’s all grown up (just turned 25) and working full time, our quality time together is harder to come by; so when we do have it, we make sure it’s spent doing something that makes us both smile – just like the photo! Being her mum really is the best job in the world.

Amanda’s story

My son brought home pasta salad from school with what looked like chives – which I presumed he’d got from someone, as I hadn’t sent them in with him. Turns out he’d dropped the salad on the school field on the way home, scooped it up and put it back in the dish – the green bits were not chives, but grass cuttings! That was one meal that went straight in the bin!

Laura’s story

The first time I felt like a mum was yesterday (at 18 weeks pregnant) when I first felt the little nugget kick!

Jeni’s story

To be told that I was expecting twins after three rounds of IVF was the best feeling ever – I was finally going to be a mum! 20 Months later I still feel like I have the best job in the world and I enjoy every day with my beautiful girls, even when singing Old McDonald thirty thousand times!

Samantha’s story

I’m 20 weeks pregnant with my first child and the moment when I first felt like a mum was last week, when they told me that I’m having a girl. Knowing that means I can think of the baby kicking in my belly as ‘her’ instead of ‘it’ and ‘my daughter’ instead of ‘the baby’. I haven’t been super-emotional at most of my scans but when they told me it’s a girl I’ll admit I cried!

Lucy’s story

My mum was concerned that she was going a funny colour. She thought perhaps there was something wrong with her liver that could be affecting her skin. She noticed a bath made a difference, and a closer look at her new moisturiser revealed it was gradual tan!

Katherine’s story

I was living in Cyprus when my granddad died, which broke my mum’s heart. Approaching Christmas she said all she wanted was her babies home (me and my two younger brothers) so to surprise her I got on a plane and came back on 23rd December. I had organised to Skype her on the day I flew back, so when she walked into the living room she got the shock of her life seeing me in person and gave me a big bear hug. When I told her I was back for good and showed her my suitcase she cried – she was very, very happy!

Be in it to win it

We’d love to hear about your #MumMoments: enter our competition on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and you could win a hamper packed with Hotel Chocolat goodies worth £50! Maybe your mum will even be willing to share…

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  • Reply March 16, 2017

    spencer kann

    Some of my fondest memories are cooking with my mom. We used to make little chocolates ourselves when I still lived with her. I’m over a days drive away now but she still sends homemade chocolates every couple of months or so. 🙂

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