School’s Out for Summer: 5 Gifts that Teachers will Love

An apple on the desk might be the traditional way to thank a teacher, but we can’t help thinking that we can do better…

Whether your lecturer just got you through the first year of uni or it’s your children’s tutors who are in your good books, thank them for everything they do with our top teachers’ gifts.

Teacher’s pet

The perfect size for a desk drawer and with a top you can pop on when the next class starts, our Tiddly Pots are a cute and tasty way to get your favourite teachers through the last days of term. Choose Raspberry for a taste of summer, Dark or White if you know what they like or Milk or Caramel if you’re playing it safe.

Tiddly Pots – £1.95 each or 3 or more for £1.75 each


Bags of potential

Something to get them through all that marking? Our ribbon-tied bags are perfect for dipping into as they switch from their red pens to their blue ones. Upgrade their day from ‘Could try harder’ to ‘Well done!’ with summery Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream Bombes or Puddles in tennis-worthy Strawberries & Cream, transporting Crispy Seville Orange or sophisticated Salted Caramel.

Ribbon-tied Bags – £5.50 each or 2 or more for £5 each


Spell it out

Does Sir deserve a gold star? Miss earned herself a merit? Say it with chocolates courtesy of our Pocket Selections. Give them some of our best-loved pralines, cheesecakes, mousses au chocolat and caramels with the Everything, add a sleeve that says it all with Simply Thanks or turn up the cocoa content with the Dark Fix. Something a little special for the teacher who always gives their all.

Pocket Selections – £8 or 3 or more for £7 each


Chalk up a win

Kids can’t stop talking about one of their lessons? You’re actually interested in your least favourite subject? Every now and then a teacher comes along who makes you see things differently – and a reward for their talents deserves a little creativity of your own. Our Nano Slab Gallery is an exhibition of nine of our favourite Nano Slabs in all our chocolate grades – it’ll keep them going all summer!

The Nano Slab Gallery – £10

The Summer Nano Slab Gallery – £10


A class of their own

We still remember the teacher who made Maths make sense to an algebra-impaired bookworm – thanks Mr Murphy! – and we knew at the time that his zany lessons would always stay with us. For the over-and-aboves, the let’s-try-it-another-ways and the my-door-is-always-opens, go above and beyond yourself with our H-Boxes and Sleeksters. For summer, our Chocs-to-chill versions have got to be top of the class: fruity, boozy and patisserie chocolates that are best served chilled, they’re bound to inspire more out-of-the-box thinking…

H-Boxes – £12 each or 2 or more for £10 each 
Sleeksters – £22.50 each


Lessons learnt

Want more options for your top tutors? Take a look at all our teachers’ gifts…

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