The Rocky Road Birthday Cake

To celebrate the 10th Birthday we wanted to create a cake that was iconic, impactful and, of course, covered in our chocolate.

We decided to make a super-sized version of our rocky road slab – a bar that has been in the range for almost 10 years. The rocky road is one of our most iconic and eye catching Giant Slabs, inspired by the shape chocolate forms as it is poured on a marble slab. At twenty five times the size of the original, our cake measured over 4 ft long – taller than an average 6 year old!

The day of cake making began with preparing everything we needed to build the cake: 5kg of hazelnut and chocolate spread, 12kg of chocolate butter icing using our house 50% milk chocolate, 5 giant almond and chocolate biscuits and dozens of giant white chocolate chips. To make the cake, we started by sandwiching together huge sheets of chocolate sponge using the hazelnut and chocolate spread to add an extra layer of indulgence. Next we cut out the iconic slab shape, keeping all the cut offs to share with the team during our tea break.

Making the rocky road cake

After a cuppa, the cake was ready for icing. We built the buttercream up in layers, starting with a protective crumb coat and building up to a smooth finish. Next, with a picture of our slab at hand, we started the finishing touches: piping on swirls of 70% dark chocolate, dropping on our giant biscuits and scattering with chocolate chips. By the end of the day our rocky road cake was complete and ready for its journey to London for our 10 year anniversary party.

The next day, we arrived to meet the cake at Rabot 1745, our restaurant in Borough market, with an emergency repair kit in hand. After a quick buttercream patch up, the cake was ready in pride of place for the party. After being snapped, tweeted and admired, the cake was finally cut and shared around the party to be enjoyed – pure cocoa indulgence.  After such a great reception, who knows which classic Hotel Chocolat chocolate will be next to be super-sized?

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Claire Haddad is Concept Development Chocolatier at Hotel Chocolat.

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