Jump Up To Rabot 1745

Rabot 1745 in Borough Market

Join the party at our beautiful new terrace overlooking Borough Market, invites Angus Thirlwell

The next time you’re in Saint Lucia, make sure you catch a Friday night jump-up.

That’s the Lucian name for an impromptu party after sunset, when friends and neighbours get together in a garden or on a local beach for drinks, food and music.

You can expect a fantastic feast of local jerked meat, spiced fish and ‘ground provisions’ (Lucian for ‘vegetables that grow in the ground’) – and some seriously dedicated relaxation.

This summer, we plan to bring the spirit of the jump-up to our Rabot 1745 restaurant in Borough Market, where we’re launching an open-air terrace with a fabulous view overlooking the historic market.

You’re warmly invited to join us on the terrace for dining and drinks, with room to seat 60, and a free spirit all its own.

Rabot Terrace has its own special menu, offering healthy and authentic food for the soul – including a new braised cocoa beer jerked chicken, a delicious fish escabeche and much more.

You can’t bottle the spirit of Saint Lucia, but we’ve added a liberal dash of it – with phenomenal food, fabulous drinks, and a fantastic view at the heart of one London’s oldest and finest markets.
Jump up and join us!

Keep an eye on our website, as tables at Rabot Terrace will be available to book online very soon.

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