Blossom trees are blooming, leaves are unfurling, seasonal produce is sprouting. Spring inspires a new menu at our restaurants, Rabot 1745 and Roast+Conch. Expect the unexpected with a delicate cacao twist…


Fork poised, our chef reviews his top five from our new spring menu.

Heirloom tomato salad: sun-ripened tomatoes tossed with our unique cacao pesto and crumbled feta cheese.

Our chef says: Our own cacao pesto pairs beautifully with naturally sweet heritage tomatoes.

Pickled courgette salad: market-fresh courgette marinated in juniper and cacao honey, with seared sweet potato and whipped cocoa-infused feta.

Our chef says: Saint Lucian cocoa nibs are folded into whipped feta. A beautiful balance of floral juniper and honey balance the bitter side of cacao.”

Roast butternut squash soup: blended with sweet potatoes, maple syrup, spices, organic pumpkin seeds and sour cream.

Creole spiced fish cakes: sashimi-grade tuna, Cornish line-caught cod and hake laced with creole spices and enrobed in a crisp cacao and panko crust.

Our chef says: Creole spices including cinnamon, coriander and cocoa nibs complement the quality of fresh local fish.

Seared Cod: line-caught Cornish cod, seared with a cacao crust on a fricassee of coconut milk, sweet potato and Caribbean fruits.

Our chef says:This dish is the cornerstone of our cocoa-inspired British Caribbean cuisine. It originates from our Rabot Estate on Saint Lucia, where the cocoa nibs are grown.

We all want to know where our food comes from, and with good reason. You might have noticed by now that our chefs source the freshest, sustainably line-caught fish. Well, that thinking extends to the entire menu, from pigs that forage acorns to cows that are free to roam grassy Somerset pastures …

Our beef

Most of our beef is purebred White Face Hereford from Somerset, an ancient breed derived from working oxen. Farmed near Taunton at the base of the Quantock Hills, the cattle are grass-fed and spend the majority of the year on lowland pasture.

Our lamb

Taking on the quality of the best breeds, a large proportion of our lamb sourced from farms in Devon and South West England is a Texel/Suffolk-cross, or ‘Suftex’. We also routinely source smaller quantities of other high-quality lambs, including purebred Romney from Romney Marsh – coming soon – which gets its inimitable flavour from the sheep grazing on not only grass but the samphire of the salt marshes.

Our pork

Known for their succulent and lean meat, we rely on a small number of farms that breed Landrace and Large White. Other rare breeds that we source include Oxford Sandy and Black from the Sussex High Weald, left to roam in oak woods they forage on acorns, the result is premium pork with excellent crackling.


From salt-marsh lamb to sumptuous chocolate mousse, our chefs are constantly inspired by cacao. Many kitchen hours are spent honing and enhancing our recipes with the bean, from baked nibs to the outer shell which infuses our cocktails, as a subtle savoury spice and naturally for dessert…


Our BAFTA 2017 dessert 

An A-list dessert is another recent addition to our menu – but don’t just take our word for it: for the seventh year running our chef extraordinaire created a dessert that rubbed shoulders with (or rather, touched the spoons of) the nominees for this year’s BAFTAs – the Light White Raspberry & Blueberry Crémeux with 65% Buffalo Supermilk and Granola Sablé Crumble.

“When I was creating this dessert, I knew that I was only interested in using one of our most distinctive chocolates for the BAFTA VIPs,” says culinary genius David Demaison. “That’s why I used 65% Buffalo Supermilk Saint Lucia chocolate; it’s made with some of the best cocoa on the planet. The flavours are multi-layered, which adds a delicious complexity and complements the raspberry and blueberry flavours of the crémeux perfectly.”

Tasting note: Supermilk is our innovative chocolate genre. Made with a minimum of 65% cocoa, it’s the perfect balance of robust cocoa depth, creamy milk and less sugar than a typical dark chocolate.


Spoons at the ready! Whether you can’t wait to try our seasonal spring menu or savour the official BAFTA dessert, we look forward to welcoming you to our restaurants Rabot 1745, overlooking Borough Market in London, or at Roast+Conch in bustling Leeds. To start, may we suggest a cocoa-enhanced cocktail?


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