Chocolate, Prosecco and more for some lucky VIPs…

The light is fading. All the other shops on the high street are shutting. Dangling from the door of the only store whose light still floods out onto the pavement: a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. You approach tentatively, glance up and down the street to check you aren’t being watched, then slip inside, half-expecting to be hushed and asked for the password…

Secrets and tries
Welcome to your first Chocolate Lock-In, 45 minutes of after-hours experimentation with something special from the world of cocoa. One week you may find yourself tasting chocolate made with some of the most sought-after cocoa on the planet, the next it may be a delicate herbal infusion made with cocoa shells or a tipple with a dash of the bean, each paired with luxurious filled chocolates.

How it works
After a short introduction, with glass of Prosecco in hand, you’ll mingle with the other guests – numbers are limited so it’s an intimate, VIP experience – guided by your host as you consider the flavour profile of this evening’s focus. As glasses are emptied and chocolates nibbled, you’ll be handed your Secret Card – which entitles you to £10 off anything you purchase on the night.

That’s not all – as you drift back towards the door, deep in conversation with your newfound friends, you’ll be handed a mystery envelope. Peek inside and you may find anything from an on-the-house hot chocolate to a voucher for more savings on anything we do.

When will I see you again?
Find yourself drawn irresistibly back for another Chocolate Lock-In and there’s even more to look forward to: bring along the loyalty card you were given at your first evening and save up your stamps to unlock the next level – think a complimentary Tasting Adventure, or even a Bean-to-Bar Experience if you’re a committed collector…

Add your name to the guest list

Chocolate Lock-Ins are coming to a store near you soon. Numbers are limited at our hush-hush evenings, so watch this space for details on how to book your place…

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