Fish, fruit and flowers: our spring menus unveiled

Spring isn’t just about lighter evenings, fluffy bunnies and reorganising your cupboards – for our chefs at Rabot 1745 and Roast+Conch it’s about a smorgasbord of new ingredients coming into season. This year, as well as the premium cacao that defines our menus, they’ve been hard at work experimenting with market fish, savoury bananas and even edible flowers to create Caribbean flavours with a British twist – and because it’s us, you know we’ve sourced it locally or gone organic wherever we can. Here are a few of our chefs’ favourite dishes, just to whet your appetite…

Spiced market fish with creole-cacao spices
served with butternut squash purée, green fig banana and spiced coconut-peanut sauce

When we say ‘market fish’, we really mean it – our hake comes from the one on our doorstep. Considered one of the best fish in the whiting family for its mild, firm, sweet white meat with medium flake, here we’ve pan-seared it in creole-cacao spices including paprika, cayenne pepper, cumin and cacao nibs.

We’ve gone back to our Anglo-West Indian roots with this dish too: inspired by the Caribbean love of plantains, the green fig banana garnish adds a woody, earthy, starchy character that’s surprisingly savoury.

9-hour braised lamb shoulder
served with cacao beer pickled onions, garlic mash, cacao pesto and cacao balsamic glaze
Our organic spring lamb comes to our kitchen from a free-range English farm. Here we braise it in a homemade salt with fresh mint, before glazing it to order in cacao pesto and finishing with a dash of our cacao balsamic. The accompanying shallots are soaked in our dark cocoa beer, and guests are already raving about our simple garlic mash dressed with cacao jus from the meat itself. Mmm…

Cacao super bowl
Tomato, beetroot and quinoa salad with cacao-crust yoghurt and organic herb nut pesto
If foodie trends are on your radar, you’ve probably spotted our superfood salad. We’ve drenched all that goodness with a splash of spiced honey dressing – then topped fresh, organic edible flowers. To start the spring, expect a flash of orange, yellow or purple from pansies, while the likes of apple blossom, Bellis daisies and butterfly sorrel are lined up for a sprinkling as the season changes.

Gianduja tart
served with a salted hazelnut praline wafer and cacao ice-cream
As you might expect from us, our desserts are truly our chef-d’oeuvre, and this one is no exception. For the uninitiated, gianduja is a super-smooth praline made with at least 30% finely ground hazelnuts. Our shortcrust pastry tart is brimming with our take on this creamy filling, outdoing the guideline with 50% hazelnut and made on site with Rabot Estate Saint Lucian beans. To finish, a salted caramel hazelnut praline wafer, a scoop of our very own cacao nib ice cream and a jaunty sprig of mint!


Book a table and join us for sumptuous cacao-centric cuisine in a setting inspired by an Anglo-West Indian plantation house.

Want more? Check out the full Rabot 1745 and Roast+Conch spring menu

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