Hazy long, hot days: finding long-lost floppy brimmed hats, kids bursting out of school with ties askew. Anyone for tennis? We celebrate summer, pack your hamper…



Those last days of term… followed by elation. Bursting out swing doors for a final time, that feeling is immeasurable, now imagine being a teacher. This marks the official start of their summer holiday. So what to get them? Nothing beats the homemade appeal of drawings and hand tied bouquets, but where did an apple for teacher stem from? In the 1700s families in Denmark and Sweden would give teachers baskets of fruit and vegetables as a form of payment. Later, in frontier towns in the United States it evolved into apples.


After piles of marking, we think any teacher would rather be transported to a sun-kissed Spanish square overlooking one of Andalusia’s scenic gardens, our Orange You Glad it’s Summer Slab is lined with fragrant Seville oranges. We capture home-baked pudding in chocolate with The Summer Dessert Sleekster and H-Box, from patisserie to sorbet via cheesecake. No spoon required.


Anyone for tennis? Wimbledon is here, and while players pause for barley water, we recommend Smoothies-to-Chill made with real fruit, and best served from the fridge. Pink Champagne Truffles with real Champagne, cream and just a hint of strawberry, capture three of Wimbledon’s favourite things. Come on… cool down after all that shouted support with Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream Dippers. Pop this ice cream style treat in the fridge for 30 minutes, made with real strawberries and cream it’s the perfect match for centre court.

The best parties are impromptu. When you’re enjoying their company so much it stretches long past evening shadows. Illuminate your summer soirée with solar powered Chinese lanterns or dig out all those tea-lights you’ve amassed and dot them around in glass candleholders. Music makes an evening, scroll through your playlist and hook up a speaker, or for a wonderfully lo-fi solution find a ceramic bowl or mug and place your smartphone inside. Just add dips, fire up the coals and bring a bottle of something special…


Our citrus-infused tipple captures summer. Lemon & Cocoa Vodka Liqueur is made in small batches with the zest and juice of Spanish lemons and Saint Lucian cocoa shells. It’s best enjoyed over ice or as a summer cocktail with chilled Classic Prosecco. Our Raspberry & Cocoa Vodka Liqueur is made with fresh Kentish raspberries steeped in vodka for 21 days. For alternative ice cubes, freeze small slivers of lemon and lime, fresh raspberries or blueberries. As they defrost, they infuse.


The pleasure of walking in the countryside is enhanced by finding the perfect spot to stop, pause and unpack a picnic. Gingham blanket at the ready…

Top five picnic spots in the UK

1. Bedruthan Steps Beach, near Padstow Cornwall
North Cornwall is blessed with many stunning beaches and Bedruthan Steps is one most loved by locals and visitors alike. Wait until low tide to climb down the steep steps and make your base among the rocky outcrops on this sandy cove.

2. Brownsea Island, Dorset
Only accessible by ferry from Poole this tiny island in the middle of Poole Harbour is a wonderful nature reserve. It was the perfect spot for Baden-Powell to pitch his first scout camp in 1907. Spot sika deer, peacocks and the fuzzy ears of rare red squirrels.

3. The Wrekin, near Telford, Shropshire
You’ll have earned your picnic after climbing almost 3.5 miles to reach the remains of an Iron Age fort perched at the top of this 407m summit. The panoramic view takes in 17 counties, well worth it on a clear day.

4. The Botanic Gardens, Glasgow
Since the ornate Victorian glasshouses were built, this place has been a draw for those with a taste for outdoor eating. Well-manicured lawns make the Botanic Gardens the ideal spot to stretch out on a picnic blanket.

5. Lake Vrnwy, near Llanwddyn, Powys

The huge expanse of water just outside the Snowdonia National Park may be man-made, but it’s surrounded by natural beauty: forests, hills and moorland. Keep your eyes peeled for buzzards, they may have a beady eye on your biscuits.


If you’re looking for something light enough to carry and keep going, pack our Summer Nano Slab Gallery with ten chocolate portraits of mellow and fruity flavours. Or unpack The Everything Under the Sun Hamper: smoothies, lemonade and ice cream reimagined in chocolate. Beachfront nibbles and even teaolat, our new refreshing cacao infused summer drink! A backpack pick-me-up that hill? Lemon-White Marshmallow Nibbly Pots made by hand and smothered in creamy, zesty white chocolate.


Whether your destination is watching Wimbledon, eating slightly sandy sandwiches or hiking up a hilly incline, we’d like to see how your long, hot days unfold. Share your pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and enjoy summer, at last!

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