Create Your Own Chocolate

Create Your Own Chocolate

Discover your inner chocolatier

If you were a chocolate, what flavour would you be? Here’s your chance to show us what you’re made of. We’re very excited to announce the return of the ultimate competition for chocolate lovers – the Create a Chocolate Competition.

Open exclusively to members of our Tasting Club, this is a unique opportunity to indulge your creative side. Dream up a recipe for your ultimate chocolate, using any ingredients you like: milk, dark, white chocolate, truffles, pralines, feuilletine, caramels, nuts, fruits, nibs, solid chocolate slabs… if you can imagine it, we might be able to make it.

First, describe your filling, which could have up to three different layers. Then tell us what kind chocolate and mould you’d put it in. You could even give it a fancy decoration – a yellow swirl, or pieces of dried strawberry, or whatever you like. Finally, give it an inventive name.
Our co-founder Angus Thirlwell will judge the entries and choose the 6 winning recipes. Each one will be made by our chocolatiers and star in the Tasting Club’s monthly selections to be tasted and scored by other members. Each winner will receive a 5kg case of their own creation, containing at least 200 chocolates to show off to friends and family (and maybe share a few as well!).

Even kids can do it! Ten-year-old Francesca Piper won our last Create a Chocolate competition with her idea for a Gooey Guava – a white chocolate shell with a guava truffle centre. It inspired her Devon primary school to run its own competition to raise money for our Ghana medical fund. We loved their Chocolate Volcano idea and its red caramel ‘lava’ so much that we decided to make that too!

How to enter:

To send in your recipe and design, just fill out the form on page 14 and post it in, or scan it and email it to us at thepod@ Entries close on April 4th 2014, and winners will be notified by July 4th 2014.

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