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Location: Copenhagen
Our new Copenhagen Airport store, opening mid-JulyCocoa-Planet-June-Copenhagen
Headed for Copenhagen? We have a much-loved store in the city at Østergade 13, but from mid-July, you’ll be able to drop in and see us as soon as you arrive at Scandinavia’s busiest airport.

Our new Hotel Chocolat boutique, run by a dedicated 10-person team, will be opening ‘airside’ at Copenhagen Airport, ready to equip travellers with supplies of chocolate to take as gifts or all important comfort rations overseas.

We’ll also be stocking Cocoa Cuisine favourites, from our Cocoa Pesto and White Chocolate Horseradish to our Cocoa Shell Infusion teas, and Cocoa Juvenate beauty products and fragrances. This is our first international airport store!


The Osuben Medical Centre Update
Members of the Chocolate Tasting Club Cocoa-Planet-June-Ghanahave been helping the cocoa-farming community of Osuben in Eastern Ghana to build a medical centre for more than three years.
The foundations are laid, the walls are built, and now the roof is being put on. A wooden roofing frame is up, with lumber contributed by members of the community. After this, aluminium roofing sheets will be put on top.

We’re expecting that all the essential building work for the centre will be complete this year. After that, the next step will be setting it up with modern medical equipment. The local health authority in Ghana has already agreed to supply trained staff to run it.

We’re really excited to be so close to the end of the project. This was one of the earliest requests we received from members of the Osuben cocoa farming community when we first visited them in 2001, and it will make a big difference to their lives.

We still need to raise £2,029 to reach the target. You can help by making a donation, or even just by sending in a Tasting Club scorecard. We’re giving an extra 25p towards the fund for every scorecard we receive.

How you can help: We still need £2,029 to complete and equip the Osuben medical centre. We add 25p for every scorecard we receive from our Tasting Club members. If you’d like to donate, please send a cheque made payable to: The Cocoa Farmers’ Fund, and send it to: CTC Ghana Appeal, Freepost, ANG10659, Royston, SG8 5YD.


The dining club at Roast+Conch


We’re delighted to announce the opening of our exclusive Dining Club at our Roast+Conch restaurant in Leeds beginning Tuesday 3rd June.

The fortnightly Dining Club is an opportunity to experience some of our chef’s latest creations in a fantastic set evening menu matched with delicious wines. Come to our Dining Club three times and your fourth visit will be absolutely FREE.

We’ll also reveal the secrets behind our cocoa creations and our plantation in a series of exclusive presentations to Dining Club guests from our team – including our Co-Founder Angus Thirlwell.

• Enjoy a fantastic value 3-course set menu, served with an aperitif and wine.
• The price includes a chocolate tasting session with the chef with a glass of port; plus a Cocoa Shell Infusion drink and a goody bag.
• Meet the key creative minds behind Hotel Chocolat, from our Co- Founder to our Executive Chef, the creators of our Cocoa Gin and Cocoa Beer, and our senior chocolatiers.
• Visit the Dining Club three times and your fourth visit will be FREE!

How to book
£35 per head or £28 per head without alcohol.

The Dining Club begins at 7pm on Tuesday 3rd June, Tuesday 17th June, Tuesday 1st July, Tuesday 15th July And every fortnight after that. Please be aware that only limited places are available.

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Saint Lucia

Cocoa-Planet-June-Saint-LuciaLocation: Rabot Estate
This year’s cocoa harvest is ‘the best since Hurricane Tomas’

In Saint Lucia, we’ve enjoying a heartening bumper harvest, not only at our Rabot Estate plantation, but on the plantations of our Island Grower partners.

Every year in Saint Lucia there are two main harvest seasons – the big one between November and
February, and the smaller one in April and May.

Over that time, our 20-strong team has helped bring in a harvest of 20 tonnes (over 22 US short tons), picking ripe cocoa pods in sweeps across Rabot Estate every two weeks.

Our first harvest at Rabot Estate in 2006 was just half a tonne. We built it up to a record harvest of 20 tonnes in 2009, just before Hurricane Thomas devastated Saint Lucia in late 2010, wrecking plantations and causing 17 fatalities. We’re really happy about this year’

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