An Interview with Beau Bunny


Beau Bunny – what have you been up to since we saw you last Easter?

Easter’s a whirlwind time for me. When the tour was over I went out to Boucan, our boutique hotel cocoa plantation on the island of Saint Lucia, to rest up and rejuvenate for a few months. I gave away 60,000 rather scrumptious little eggs last year so while I was out in Saint Lucia I gave the cocoa farmers a hand on the plantation to replenish the chocolate stocks ready for this Easter. Happy to report that we all pulled together and worked hard to produce a whopping 80,000 eggs for this year’s tour.

I’ve also been working on my cookbook, “Wonderful Ways With Lettuce”. Back in the burrows where I’m from, some of the rabbits don’t get out that much and it’s jolly hard to be inventive with the same ingredient every night. The mini bunnies are sick to the back teeth (yes, we do have them) of Caesar salad. I’ve got some real corkers in there.

Do you have any top tips for anyone visiting St Lucia?

If they’re feeling energetic, a hop up one of the Piton mountains is a must – the view is breathtaking. There’s no better place to stay than Boucan, set on the grounds of Hotel Chocolat’s cocoa plantation, overlooking the legendary Piton mountains. The constant, scented breeze cools whilst stunning views make a bunny’s jaw drop – lush rainforest and the glittering Caribbean Sea beyond.

Add to that the easy warmth of the Saint Lucians and the plantation-chic style of the luxury, boutique hotel and you’ll see why I refused to leave for four months.

Beau Bunny Eggs

What do you have planned for Easter this year?

It makes sense that if you find the bunny rather than the eggs, you stand to get a lot more chocolate. This year I’m on tour once more and leaving a trail of 80,000 Easter eggs across the UK. From 3rd– 19th April 2014 I’m visiting 26 top-secret locations and leaving a daily clue as to my whereabouts on and on Twitter, @thebeaubunny. Guess correctly and you could win a host of prizes including a luxury European city break and oodles more chocolate treats. Entries can be submitted online at or in-person at Hotel Chocolat stores.

On Easter Sunday it’s tradition for all the bunnies in the burrows to come to mine. Ever since I got the enviable gig as Easter bunny it was decided I would host the party. Everyone brings an Extra Thick Easter egg and in the evening we have a big Easter supper together and wave glow sticks around.

We have a collection of cocktails for the big bunnies, ranging from Eggnog and Prosecco (we call it ‘Proseggo’) and Nettle Mojito’s. The mini bunnies are generally necking their carrot juices as usual. It’s the highlight of the year for us and a real chance to all get together.

What’s your favourite way to unwind after a hard day entertaining your fans?

I like to play Jenga with Hotel Chocolat batons.

Are you a tech savvy bunny? Do you tweet? Or perhaps you’re on Tinder?

I haven’t managed to find any other rabbits on Tinder actually. But I am a prolific Tweeter and can be found rabbiting away at @thebeaubunny. Follow me!

You’re such a dashing bunny! Who is your style inspiration?

Beau Brummel. He was an iconic English dandy from the 1700s who took five hours a day to dress, polished his shoes with champagne and created the modern man’s suit. He was a sanguine and dapper English gentleman and an iconic figure in Regency England, the arbiter of men’s fashion.

What’s your top recommendation for an Easter treat from Hotel Chocolat this year?

The Rabot 1745 Extra Thick Easter Egg. An outstanding showcase of fine and rare cocoa with single estate chocolate shells made from 75% Trinidad dark chocolate and, 70% Saint Lucia Island Growers milk chocolate, filled with pralines and ganaches made with exceptional cocoa from around the world.

Don’t forget to visit to find out more.

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