5 Things to Do with the Kids this Summer

Six weeks can be a long time to fill with the little ones off school. Here are our favourite ways to keep them amused…

That beach holiday you can’t stop daydreaming about will see you through one week of the six – but how to keep the children happy for the other five? Put these must-dos in the calendar and look forward to a dedicated day of family fun every week…


1. Children’s workshop
If your kids are fans of chocolate – we don’t know any who aren’t! – treat them to an hour of munching, making and getting messy for kids aged six to 13 at one of our Children’s Workshops.  After a soft drink or hot chocolate they’ll learn the difference between cocoa powder and cocoa butter, tour a chocolatier’s station armed with lollipop sticks for dipping, then hand-pipe a 200g Slab complete with sprinkles of dried raspberries, marshmallows, cocoa nibs and more. While their creation is setting, they’ll break out the felt-tips, crayons and glitter and get to work on the packaging so that their masterpiece can look as good as it tastes. And that’s not all: chocolate nibbles are handed out during the session, and your child will take home a goodie bag complete with chocolate bar, Tiddly Pot and certificate of achievement to proudly display on the fridge!


2. Day at the races

If seeing the royals with their glad rags on got you thinking about having a flutter, there’s a raceday at Ascot for all the family this summer, from the open-air cinema evenings on 28th, 29th and 30th July to a cup and concert on 6th August and air races on 13th and 14th August. To complete your day out: an elegant box of Smoothies-to-chill for you – in Banana, Coconut & Mango, Passion Fruit & Raspberry or Strawberry & Blueberry – and for the kids, a ribbon-tied bag of Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream Bombes or a Milk Chocolate Lick with a sunny smile each!


3. Bake-off in your kitchen
Feeling inspired? Turn off the TV and step into the kitchen armed with our Home Baking Hamper, complete with 40% milk, 70% dark and high-cocoa white chocolate drops, our 100% natural, non-Dutched cocoa powder, Salted Caramel & Pecan Chocolate Spread, a bag of Ecuadorian cocoa nibs and a copy of our recipe book, A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate. Pre-heat the oven while the little ones choose what recipes to make with you – think Dizzy Praline cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Chip Cookie-in-a-Cup!


4. Bank Holiday idling
There’s nothing like a lazy Bank Holiday – and no denying how much we love a sunny one! Should the big ball in the sky make its presence felt at the end of August, we recommend a stroll for the whole family, accompanied by our new Ice Cream of the Gods: cocoa nib-infused soft ice cream you can top with classic chocolate or salted caramel chocolate sauce, then sprinkle with raspberry pieces, curls of 70% dark chocolate, hazelnut nibs or single-origin Saint Lucian cocoa nibs. The ice cream is already available at Rabot 1745, and will arrive at our cafés in Cambridge, Liverpool and Manchester Arndale Centre as of early July. Find a scenic walk near you and get into nature courtesy of the National Trust.


5. Picnic in the park
After a game or two of Frisbee in the park, lounge under a tree on a tartan blanket and unpack your wicker picnic basket. While away the afternoon with the family over White Chocolate & Raspberry Jam sandwiches, crisps, savoury eggs, hummus and crudités and salad drenched in Cocoa Balsamic. No time to pack a hamper of your own? Here’s one we prepared earlier: our Summer Collection comes with our Chocs-to-chill H-box, Mini Champagne Truffles, Creamed Caramel Puddles, Raspberry & Caramel Lick and two summery Selectors – a pre-made picnic without the fuss!

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